About Me

My name is Patranun Limudomporn (Thai: ภัทรนันท์ ลิ้มอุดมพร). I’m a former academic researcher. Currently, I am working in the banking industries.

I co-founded Writing in Thai, an online media focusing on Writing Instruments, with Sirakorn Lamyai. Occasionally, I write for Blognone, one of the leading technology news website in Thailand. My focusing is Luxury and Enterprise Technology.

Trained as a Political Scientist and Sociologist, I believed that every innovations and industries are link with changes in the world. Each event shapes the society that we are living in and the world while the structure also determined us what we can do.

I have many interests which helps me to look at things differently, such as: Wine Studies, Political Philosophy, Banking, Sociology, Technology, Networking; some of them were proved by the relevant certificates from authoritative organizations. Despite my interests, I always keen to exploring more to push the limits and possibilities.

For more details, please visit the LinkedIn profile.

Picture by Sirakorn Lamyai